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Bridge Over River

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a little anxious to start counseling.  What does Relationship-Based CBT look like?

It is normal to be anxious and hesitant to start counseling.  An important part to achieving desired goals in counseling is having a strong therapeutic relationship.  This involves me providing genuine empathy and validation of your thoughts/emotions and life experiences in a non-judgmental environment.  CBT is more than positive thinking.  It is an approach to modify how you perceive yourself, others, and the world in a way that is most adaptive for you to reduce your distress while improving your overall well-being and experience personal growth. Acceptance, mindfulness, and DBT skills can also be integrated to help foster self-awareness, regulate emotions, and enhance interpersonal relationships.

I think I'm interested in trying counseling with you.  What are my next steps?

First, email me, call me, or use my contact page to schedule a phone consultation.  The phone consultation is at no cost and typically lasts about 15 minutes.  This will allow me to determine if I can provide you the services you need and for you to determine if you feel comfortable moving forward.  Second, we would then schedule our first session where we would get to know each other more and make a plan to move forward.

What will the first session look like?

We will review privacy laws, confidentiality, and practice policies.  I will then ask you some questions about yourself and what you would like to grain from counseling.  I will also provide you some additional information about the therapeutic process, including CBT and a typical session.  You will also be able to ask any questions you may have about counseling and moving forward.  All of this information will be helpful in developing a plan over the next few sessions to address your specific needs.

What are your fees and do you accept insurance?

Private Pay.  Individual sessions are $175 per 55 minute session. Couple and family sessions are $225 per 55 minute session. If your plan offers reimbursement for out-of-network (OON) providers, I can provide a superbill.  Please be advised that in order to qualify for therapy through OON benefits, you must meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis that will be kept on file and submitted to your insurance company. See benefits of private pay below.

Insurance.  I also accept some insurance clients (for individual therapy only) with BCBS of MAPoint32Health, within the Aetna family: Meritain, Nippon, Allied Benefit Systems, GEHA - United Healthcare Shared Services, Trustmark (Small Business Benefits), Health Scope, Christian Brothers Services. And within the Optum family: UnitedHealthcare (Shared Services), GEHA - United Healthcare Shared Services, Oscar, Oxford, UHC Student Resources, UMR, All Savers (UHC), Health Plans Inc, Surest, AllWays Health Partners.

What are the benefits of private pay?

A mental health diagnosis is not required to receive services.  This means many personal issues and problems can be addressed that would otherwise not be covered by insurance.

Your personal information has greater privacy because it does not have to be shared with your insurance.

There are no restrictions on number or length of sessions.

We have greater flexibility in setting your goals and utilizing interventions instead of being influenced by insurance.

What is your availability?

I see clients on Wednesdays and Fridays.

What are your qualifications?

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